by Robert Camuto

Robert Camuto recently toured Prosecco-land to try and discover the best places to eat, where to stay and where to taste some of the most prized wines the region has to offer. In his comprehensive guide, published in the April 30 issue of Wine Spectator, Nino Franco is featured as one of the top wineries to visit and their Old World villa turned bed-and-breakfast is recommended as a place to stay.

Where to Stay

Villa Barberina

For intimate Old World style, take a suite at this landmark 18th-century Venetian villa turned bed-and-breakfast, run by the family behind Nino Franco. Situated a short walk above the town of Valdobbiadene, in a leafy garden surrounded by the winery’s prized Grave di Stecca vineyard, this historic property is furnished in plush period style with antiques, frescoes, parquet floors and fat silk-upholstered armchairs.

The villa experience, beginning with a warm welcome from Annalisa Franco, makes you feel as if you’re an old friend.

Where to Taste

Nino Franco

Nino Franco is a leading negociant run by the tireless Prosecco pioneer Primo Franco. Franco, who typically works closely with small growers, has one vineyard for his small-production Grave di Stecca brut, planted around the family’s Villa Barberina.

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